Getting started with – Part one

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This is the first part of the getting started series we are preparing for and since we love docker let’s start with a post on how you can easily have your Progress OpenEdge application nicely packed in containers.

Being very lightweight and modular all components are a great fit for Docker containers so, although optional, we do recommend running them in a Docker environment.


An open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins ...

  • Have the OpenEdge linux installation kit at hand.
  • Create a Dockerfile image description that will be used to build the ‘installer’ image and serve as base image for other OpenEdge images.
  • Start from a linux distribution of your choice – make sure it’s supported by Progress if you plan to use it in production.
  • Copy the installation kit to the image on build (ADD will automatically unarchive the content for known archive types).
  • Build the base image


# Base image with OpenEdge 11.6 installer

FROM ubuntu:latest

MAINTAINER Marian Edu <>
LABEL version=”11.6″

LABEL description=”Progress OpenEdge 11.6 installer image.”

RUN mkdir /proinst

WORKDIR /proinst

ADD PROGRESS_OE_11.6_LNX_64.tar.gz /proinst/

Build the image

$ docker build –rm=true -t oe:11.6 .

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