Getting started with – Part two

In, node.js, Progress by Marian Edu

application server server is a full blown application server for Progress OpenEdge specifically designed for web/mobile applications.

Because of the efficient non-blocking I/O provided by node.js together with the myriad of modules available in npm ecosystem writing an application server to easily expose business services (REST) for web/mobile applications in node.js makes a lot of sense.

The result is a modular and very lightweight solution that is both easy to start with and can also scale as needed.

Being an application server for Progress OpenEdge, does require the Progress runtime (AVM) to be available – either part of the RDBMS product if ran on the same computer as the database server or ‘Client Networking’ product if network connection is used.

4GL Development product is not required as 4GL components are delivered in xcode format, the optional ‘Development Studio’ component does require the option to compile code and therefore will have limited functionality without it. is built on node.js therefore the first thing that need to be done is to install node.js on your system if not available already.

Head over to the node.js download page and select the installer for your platform.

Because of the Progress runtime dependency any platform supported by Progress can be used, for the rest the only option is to run it in a Docker environment (Linux).

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