Zamolxis ERD The Entity Relationship Diagram editor built for Progress OpenEdge ®.
An Entity Relationship Diagram editor is all about database design made easy. Zamolxis ERD is focusing on Progress OpenEdge database by providing a fully graphical diagram editor that can be used to model a relational database system while supporting all features and specifics of a Progress database. While there is no support (yet) for foreign-key relationships in Progress OpenEdge (R)DBMS and Data Dictionary can well be used to define the database model we believe the relations between various entities of a system are relevant not only for database designers but also for application architects and developers.
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The installation is done, as with any other Eclipse feature, by simply selecting the features available on the product update site - The integration with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge is only available for Windows OS, other that that the core feature of the ERD designer is available for all operating systems supported by Eclipse.
There is no downloadable available at that location so please do not open it in the web browser! This is an update site and installation must be done from Eclipse (or OE Architect/PSDOE) by following the directions on installation section from documentation.


Although the complete documentation is available inside the integrated Eclipse help system (Help > Help Contents) this is also available for online view.


The model used for Zamolxis licensing is named user, available either as perpetual license (with optional maintenance at 20% the price list) or yearly subscription at 40% the price list with maintenance included. Maintenance gives access to all new versions and priority support.

The 'small business' version is only available for consultants or companies with less than ten (10) employees, for corporate additional licenses are available at a reduced price.

The trial version can only be used for evaluation, the only limitation of that version is on the number of tables supported in a diagram - you can register for a one month trial license to lift that limitation.


0 €

  • Evaluation only
  • Limited number of tables
  • 1 month trial license available

Professional Most Popular!

100 €

  • Perpetual
  • Named user
  • 3 months maintenance included
  • Consultants or less than ten employees