ABL JDBC New Release 2.0.0

In Progress by Marian Edu

New Major Release

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our JDBC driver for Progress/OpenEdge Business Logic.

Below some of the most notable features added, the documentation was also updated and is now complete.

HTTP & SSL Connection

  • HTTP tuneling

    HTTP connection model supported for the new Pacific Application Server and AIA adapter.

  • Secure connection

    SSL available for all connection modes.

Buffered Result Sets

  • Select

    For very large result sets buffered records retrieval can be done by setting the fetch size connection property. The data will be retrieved in pages when needed through multiple round-trips to the server.

  • Business Logic

    Stored procedures and views can also support buffered result sets by implementing required interfaces.

Backend Framework

  • Dynamic Procedure Call

    Virtually any business logic procedure can now be executed directly with no need to register a stored procedure wrapper. All primitive data types parameters can be used as input/output/input-output, one dataset or multiple temp-table(s) output are supported as complex data structures.

  • Extent fields

    Support for extent fields was added, either the whole values as array or individual extent(s) using square bracket notation.

  • Services

    Authentication and business catalog framework services were extended and logging service was introduced.

Incompatible API changes
  • Package name change from “ro.medu.abl” to “ro.acorn.jdbc”
  • Interfaces name change: IStoredProcedure, IView
  • Authentication service interface change
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