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Cloud Data Object

Exposing akera.io rest services using the Progress’s ‘cloud data object‘ protocol – often referred to as JSDO (which is just it’s Javascript implementation) – is now possible for basic CRUD data access.

  • Metadata/Catalog

    Full support for database metadata - aka, services catalog; both table and dataset format are supported.

  • CRUD operations

    All basic CRUD (create/read/update/delete) operations are supported.

  • Advanced read options

    Support complex filtering, sorting, pagination and record count.

Explore the `sports2000` catalog here...


While the ‘standard’ selected for akera.io REST services remains oData, the reason for which CDO/JSDO support was added is another Progress’s solution – Rollbase.
Surprisingly, or not, integration with external REST services in Rollbase is limited to JSDO ones and that explains why we’ve decided to add JSDO support (as plug-in).

  • Save the service definition (catalog) as json file.
  • Follow the external object import procedure.
  • Specify the full URL for accessing table data as ‘Service URI’: http://sports.akera.io:18383/sports/rest/crud/jsdo/sports2000/state/.
  • Check service support `complex filter and sorting`.
  • Check service support `paging`.
  • Check service support `count operation`.

    Now you should be able to browse data from the external object, with pagination, filter and sorting support. All other CRUD operations are supported as well, some database tables do have schema validation set so `delete` operations might fail – triggers can also raise errors on create/update/delete.

  • Thinking about modernisation?

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    Fear not, we can help you going web/mobile even if still on older versions of Progress and/or using a `classic` client-server architecture.

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