DevOps solution for Roundtable TSMS

Roundtable Software provides Software Configuration Management products tailored for Progress OpenEdge development designed from the perspective of development project managers and software engineers.

While Roundtable TSMS delivers integrated Software Configuration Management to the Progress OpenEdge Studio and Progress Developer Studio development environments there is no simple command line client that regular Source Control Management users are usually accustomed with and integrating it in modern continuous integration/development pipelines is not straight-forward.

General purpose Version Control solutions evolved from a centralised repository approach to a more distributed architecture where repositories can be cloned/forked in many places without the need to always have access to the central repository, providing a more colaborative environment.

The first version of the Roundtable Commander does not provide the "merging" functionality that is the cornerstone of distributed version control systems but it does open the path to providing such functionality in the future.

While there still is a single central version of the codebase, users can now also have a local working copy including the full change history wherever they need it.

  • Easy command line access to Roundtable TSMS repositories.
  • No additional components required, works with the "stock" Roundtable TSMS server - no extra deployment needed.
  • Multi-platform, available on any OS.
  • Allows users to work productively when not connected to a network.
  • Common operations (switch workspace, viewing history, and differences) with no need to communicate with a central server.
  • Working copies effectively function as remote backups, which avoids relying on one physical machine as a single point of failure.
  • Centralised control of the "release version" of the project.
  • Ability to integrate multiple Roundtable TSMS repositories (partner sites).
  • Support multiple workspaces, option to download only workspace(s) of interest on initial "clone".
  • Option to exclude/limit the revision history or even select a specific release (for test and deployment workspaces) - for initial "clone" or when pulling down changes.
  • Show differences between workspaces/releases, even if from different repositories, comparing two workspaces from distributed repositories has never been easier.
  • Both remote Roundtable TSMS and local repository APIs available for integration in Java environment.
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