In Progress by Marian Edu

Is there anyone using Java based reporting solutions like Birt, Pentaho, Jasper Reports and others that might be interested in a beta test for our new JDBC driver for Progress ABL?

What it does basically is that you write the report ‘producer’ in pure ABL code where you prepare the report data as per business requirements and then simply call it from the Java reporting tool using the JDBC ‘call’ statement.

Say you have a business logic service that can return the invoice data for given invoice number, `getInvoiceData (input invoiceNr as integer)` – to publish that as electronic invoice for the customers or send it by email as PDF you can use one of the Java reporting suites and use that simple ‘SQL’ query:`call getInvoiceData(invoiceNr); `.

If interested for the beta please contact me privately, medu@ganimede.ro.

Marian Edu