Integrated Development Environment

Simplify coding and increase developers productivity using an Integrated Development Environment for Progress® OpenEdge that seamlessly combine the power of Progress ABL with a multitude of popular development tools in a single place eliminating the need to leave the development environment. Zamolxis tries to address the need of an integrated development environment for Progress® business logic available on other platforms than Windows (mainly Linux) but it can be used to write back-end business logic on any platform, including Windows.

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    • Workspace and project based configuration
    • Project compile using standard Eclipse builder
    • Run configurations
    • Scrapbook page, code execution
    • Error reporting in standard Eclipse problems view
    • Model based semantic validation, facilitates best practices – warnings can be issued on: use of global variables, variables with no-undo option
    • Report designer integration: Birt, Jasper Reports
    • Pleiads of useful plug-ins
      available: Source Configuration
      Management, Task Management
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    • Eclipse, standard-based easy to use and extensible IDE
    • Integration with Progress® run-time (check syntax, compile, build, run)
    • Multiple platform support
    • Multiple Progress® run-time support (V9+)
    • Syntax highlight, scope aware code completion, code formating
    • Shared run-time support between projects
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Some functionality related to the Progress run-time integration (compile, check-syntax, run) requires registration, a 3-months trial license can be requested by completing the form below.

The license file will be sent by email at the address used when filling the request form.


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