In Progress by Marian Edu

Finally found the time to integrate Zamolxis Entity Relationship Diagram with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, the feature(s) can be installed from this update site: this in Eclipse, nothing to download from here).

Installation Steps

1. Download Eclipse 3.8

Since PSDOE is still on a ‘stable’ Eclipse version even on the latest version (11.3) the oldest Eclipse version that can be used is 3.8 (Juno) that can be downloaded from here –

2. Integrate Architect (PSDOE)

Once the 3.8 version is extracted from archive the PSDOE need to be ‘installed’ on it by running:

%DLC%/oeide/integrateArchitect.bat -install [3.8 install folder]

3. Install Zamolxis Feature(s)

The Zamolxis ERD feature can be installed on any Eclipse version 3.8+, the PSDOE integration feature is optional and does require some PSDOE features – only tested with OE 11.3 at the moment.

Run Eclipse 3.8 from installed directory and select “Help->Install New Software” then add a new repository for, then select the new repository and the features available on it – make sure you select ‘Contact all update sites during install…‘ to automatically install all requirements.

4. Use it…

After installation is complete do restart the workbench for the changes to be applied and if all went fine there should be some new features available:

  1. Zamolxis category in ‘New wizard’
  2. Zamolxis category in ‘Import/Export’
  3. Zamolxis category on contextual menu (only for OpenEdge projects, if PSDOE bridge feature was installed)

What can be actually done with it:

  • Edit data definition file (editor, code completion, outline)
  • Edit database diagram (graphical, diagram partitioning, foreign-key relations)
  • Import diagram from: data definition file (df) or connected databases (for OpenEdge projects)
  • Export data definition file from diagram
  • Compare (model not text) between two diagrams or data definition files, export changes as incremental definition file