Roundtable Commander

The Roundtable Commander is a simple command line client for Roundtable TSMS providing basic SCM functionality through a simple – platform independent - character user interface.

Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

The Roundtable Commander client is a Java application and as such it does require a Java runtime environment to be installed before - the minimum required version is 11. You can download a Java Runtime Environment form either Oracle or OpenJDK, no Java Development Kit (JDK) is required.

Install using the installer

The easiest way to install the Roundtable Commander client is to use the platform independent installer (IzPack) which includes, beside the client binary, the documentation in HTML format for the specific version installed - the online documentation always shows the latest version so there might be some differences or missing features compared to the version installed.

The installer will also try to detect the available Java runtime required (JRE 11 or above), however being a Java based installer the Java runtime environment must be already installed on the system.

DownloadJava Installer

Once downloaded the installer can be launched proven there is a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) available on the system.

Select the installation path, where both the binaries and the HTML documentation will be installed - you might want to add this to the "PATH" environment variable afterwards to make it easier to run the Roundtable Commander client - "rtb".

As the last step the installer will create an "uninstall" script, into the same installation path, that can be later used to uninstall the Roundtable Commander client.


Platform specific artefacts

Alternatively platform specific artefacts can be downloaded directly, please note those doesn't include any documentation and Java Runtime Environment is still needed.



For Windows the download contains only the client executable - "rtb.exe" - with the Java library bundled inside, while the Unix tarball - "rtb-commander.tar.gz" includes both the Java library in a separate "wrapper" folder and a shell script - "rtb" that is used to launch the client (you might need to set the executable permission on it in order to be able to ran it directly). As with the installer it is recommended to add the installation path to the system PATH environment variable so you don't have to specify the full path when executing the client.