In Progress by Marian Edu

As the newly appointed General Manager for EMEA, Dan Veitkus emphasized at this year EMEA PUG Challenge in Amsterdam last week, the Progress User Groups plays an important role in bringing PSC and their customers together in benefit of both parties.

Because of the fact that the customer base in Romania and Hungary is probably not as strong as in Germany or Netherlands we are looking to join forces in order to have at least one PUG in the region to serve the customers in both countries. The benefits for the customers will be to get the chance to keep up with the latest developments and the technologies made available as well as sharing ideas and information on best practices or even promoting solutions to other Progress partners in the region. The number of participants from this region at EMEA PUG Challenge events is usually very limited and that might be not just because of the lack of interest.

Being able to host such events (although at a more reduce scale of course) closer to them might prove to be more cost effective for the customers in the region leading to a more active Progress community and being able to easily disseminate new technologies and best practices to the ultimate target of creating more business opportunities for everyone.If interested to participate, have any questions, care to comment or make suggestions please contact me or Istvan Hollo directly.