In MDA, Progress by Marian Edu

Thanks to Dr. Thomas Mercer-Hursh initiative the EMEA PUG Challenge this year will host a ‘birds of a feather‘ session about Model Driven Development initiatives in Progress world. Okapi will be present at the show and hopefully the first version presented will include full round-trip engineering support.

If you have interests in that area come and join Dr. Thomas Mercer-Hurst, Julian Lyndon-Smith and myself each of us presenting different approaches to MDA as well as Rapid Application Development.Given the ‘birds of a feather‘ model of the session this is supposed to be more like an interactive chat than a presentation, if there are any subjects in that area that you find particularly interesting and care to share them with us even before the session we will really love to hear from you.

There is a mailing list where you can send us any comments, ideas, what ever you might find interesting and you can even make a subscription request if interested: mda.pug@ganimede.ro.