In MDA, Progress by Marian Edu

For those lazy programmers out-there that might have some time to kill in a cold winter Sunday a new release of Okapi is available for download, if interested use the Eclipse update-site as usual:http://www.ganimede.ro/mda/okapi/update

What’s new and worthy:

  • the reverse engineering module now support database definition files
  • there is an UML profile for OpenEdge available as well, while not mandatory it is required in order to have all OpenEdge Domain Specific Language features
  • help integrated in Eclipse help system

Update [January 8, 2012 at 7:21:08 pm]Looks like there was an error in build setting on the ‘profile’ plug-in that made it unavailable for the reverse engineering module… the issue was corrected and a new version uploaded on update site.