chatbots and openedge

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We started our little adventure in the conversational A.I world about one month ago doing a simple PoC for one of our clients. What we were basically trying to achieve was to get just answers on simple questions about price … JSDO services

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Cloud Data ObjectExposing rest services using the Progress's 'cloud data object' protocol - often referred to as JSDO (which is just it's Javascript implementation) - is now possible for basic CRUD data access. Connector.Metadata/CatalogFull support for database metadata - ... newsletter #1

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the lightweight approach What is new in akera.ioWhile adding nifty new features can be both fun and rewarding it worth less than nothing if not shared with others therefore we will try to periodically send this kind of newsletters out, ...

Web/Mobile Enablement

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Web Startup ProgramDo you have a Progress OpenEdge application that needs a Web or Mobile interface and don't know where to start? We can help you through the process with our one week start-up program.Responsive Web or Native MobileTwo screens ...

Getting started with – Part two

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application server is a full blown application server for Progress OpenEdge specifically designed for web/mobile applications. Because of the efficient non-blocking I/O provided by node.js together with the myriad of modules available in npm ecosystem writing an application server ...

ABL JDBC New Release 2.0.0

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New Major ReleaseWe are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our JDBC driver for Progress/OpenEdge Business Logic. Below some of the most notable features added, the documentation was also updated and is now complete.HTTP & SSL ConnectionConnector.HTTP tunelingHTTP connection ...

Progress Silver Service Delivery Partner

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Acorn IT just became a certified Silver Progress Service Deliver Partner (SDP) for EMEA. This includes certification for Progress OpenEdge, the leading platform for simplifying and streamlining the development, integration and management of business applications and Telerik Platform, the cross-platform …