ABL JDBC New Release 2.0.0

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New Major Release

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our JDBC driver for Progress/OpenEdge Business Logic.

Below some of the most notable features added, the documentation was also updated and is now complete.

HTTP & SSL Connection

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    HTTP tuneling

    HTTP connection model supported for the new Pacific Application Server and AIA adapter.

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    Secure connection

    SSL available for all connection modes.

Buffered Result Sets

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    For very large result sets buffered records retrieval can be done by setting the fetch size connection property. The data will be retrieved in pages when needed through multiple round-trips to the server.

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    Business Logic

    Stored procedures and views can also support buffered result sets by implementing required interfaces.

Backend Framework

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    Dynamic Procedure Call

    Virtually any business logic procedure can now be executed directly with no need to register a stored procedure wrapper. All primitive data types parameters can be used as input/output/input-output, one dataset or multiple temp-table(s) output are supported as complex data structures.

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    Extent fields

    Support for extent fields was added, either the whole values as array or individual extent(s) using square bracket notation.

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    Authentication and business catalog framework services were extended and logging service was introduced.

Incompatible API changes
  • Package name change from “ro.medu.abl” to “ro.acorn.jdbc”
  • Interfaces name change: IStoredProcedure, IView
  • Authentication service interface change
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